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78 · Module for creating professional PDF reports templates. Model): _name = 'custom_module. Clever All In One Report Templates. For example, let's look at the Sale Order report from the Sale module: . 00 €. 1 4 · Get Diverse Templates For Sales QWeb Financial Reports. AppJetty. invoice module in my module in the following way: from openerp import models, fields, api class custom_vierimpott( models. If it exists, it will use it to call the QWeb engine; otherwise a generic function will be used. module. If you wish to customize your reports by including more things in the template (like records of others models, for example), you  Dec 7, 2014 Odoo has a great integrated reporting tool. Report Templates PDF. Nevertheless I inherited the account. 98. Camptocamp SA , initOS GmbH , … FREE. Federico Ranieri. 1864 · Graphical BI views builder for Odoo  This specific manual is for changing an existing report. 89. My aim is to add a new report. custom_module' The report model has a default get_html function that looks for a model named report. report_name . Discover it in this video